Math Wheels Instructions

Create the Wheel: PRINT the wheel on card stock. FOLD along horizontal line at center of wheel. CUT out the wheel along the dotted lines. GLUE the blank sides together. CUT out the triangles along the wheel. GLUE a popsicle stick or tongue depressor to the back side of the wheel.

How to Use: Student 1 holds the SLAMBANGO! Math Wheel with the front side (with logo) facing student 2. Student 1 places a pencil in a triangular notch generating a math problem for student 2 to answer. Student 2 answers the problem. Student 1 checks student 2’s answer using the answers on the back of the wheel. Student 1 continues moving the pencil from notch to notch, quizzing student 2. When done, student 1 and student 2 switch.

How to Play: See how fast students can complete the wheel or have multiple students race to answer the math problem.

Options: Have students say the problem and the answer out loud when answering.